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  • Fri, 12:15: Hell yes totally coming back here tomorrow. *__*
  • Fri, 13:22: Kill la Kill con badges and pamphlet. I approve.
  • Fri, 13:24: Note: This is my first time at a con alone and with a smartphone. Expect me to be obnoxious on Twitter.
  • Fri, 15:17: Wow, if anyone's watching LWA here for the first time, I feel bad for them. This screen is really shitty. Can barely read the subtitles.
  • Fri, 16:34: Ahhhhhhhhhh I asked a question at the LWA panel!!! People kept asking about Kill la Kill and it was driving me crazy so I asked about LWA 2!
  • Fri, 16:35: I asked if they will use more staff and the full force of Trigger for LWA 2.
  • Fri, 16:36: The producer answered that they haven't decided on the staff yet, but will definitely add more veteran animators!
  • Fri, 16:37: Also, Yoshinari said they just recently ripped up their most recent plot for it, so they're welcome to suggestions. XD;
  • Fri, 16:38: Then of course, someone suggested a beach episode. 9_9
  • Fri, 16:39: He also said Imaishi brought Marvel action figures to Kill la Kill meetings & Gamagoori is based on "a certain iron-suited character."
  • Fri, 16:40: Also, they weren't able to answer because different production staff, but people asked about Inferno Cop & Turning Girls. XD
  • Fri, 16:41: (concerning a Inferno Cop sequel) "director Amemiya has many ideas in his head but we don't have any budget"
  • Fri, 16:42: Someone asked "What's it like to save anime?" They answered "Trigger needs saving now, please save us" XD
  • Fri, 16:44: Yoshinari said repeatedly that he doesn't like LWA and will make something better next time. XD;
  • Fri, 16:45: And they currently have no plans for it, but would like to use Kickstarter again someday.
  • Fri, 16:58: God I must have looked like a weird creep, I kept grinning like an idiot.
  • Fri, 17:11: If anyone wants me to ask them a question, Trigger has another panel tomorrow!
  • Fri, 23:13: SUCCESS \o/
  • Fri, 23:14: Eeeeeeeee!
  • Fri, 23:16: Yoshinari & Tattun were like "oooo sugoi" and "natsukashii" when I brought the Gurren Lagann book out. XD
  • Fri, 23:17: I thanked him for coming to the East Coast in Japanese. ^-^
  • Fri, 23:19: I'M SO HAPPY
  • Fri, 23:24: Also, whoever wrote that Otsuka would attend in the event descriptions lied, because he's not here. :(
  • Fri, 23:28: End result of the Live Painting!
  • Fri, 23:29: It started as just a very faint & rough pencil sketch, and he painted over it.
  • Fri, 23:30: Halfway through, the producer had to run out and find a blow dryer so they could make the paint dry. XD
  • Fri, 23:31: Someone asked Kaneko if he ever watched Painting With Bob Ross lol. (The answer was yes)
  • Fri, 23:33: They apparently had a texture they used just for Ragyo's rainbow hair effects. The light Mikisugi emits is called "sexual flare."
  • Sat, 00:09: These are all I got from the Dealer's Room. More money for food!
  • Sat, 04:21: RT @kenji2413: ノースカロライナ、アニメいずめんとでのサイン会!吉成曜監督、金子雄司美術監督、アニメーター堀剛史さんの3名のサインを一度に貰えるスーパータイム!
  • Sat, 04:22: That's when I was showing @Trigger_Tattun my badge so he could get my name!!!!
  • Sat, 04:25: I couldn't take a picture myself because I was too busy holding the books, so I'm glad I found this. *__*
  • Sat, 04:29: Just for that, it was worth waiting 2.5 hours to be near the front of the line, ahaha.
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