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  • Mon, 22:35: RT @Anime: News: Kill la Kill English Dub to Premiere at #Anime Expo • Guests include Eir Aoi, Kazuki Nakashima, SUSHIO, Yousuk… http://t.c…
  • Mon, 22:35: Kazuki Nakashima and Sushio are coming to Anime Expo ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEEEEEE
  • Mon, 22:36: AGGGGHHHHHHHHH
  • Mon, 23:51: Sigh, forget AnimeNEXT, I've gotta find a way to get to Anime Expo. D:
  • Mon, 23:53: Fortunately I have a fair amount of vacation leave and money saved up, but ugh....California is so far away.
  • Tue, 00:00: Okay I was just about to freak out because that event is on the same week I come back from my family reunion...
  • Tue, 00:01: But lol we don't have work on July 4th anyway!
  • Tue, 00:04: So I guess the issue is finding a plane that takes me to LA in time for the event...dunno if I'd be able to take Thursday off.
  • Tue, 00:06: But then I'd have to get there early to line up...
  • Tue, 00:08: And to be honest, the idea of coming back from Colorado and leaving for LA within a couple days sounds exhausting. D:
  • Tue, 00:09: Nnnnnnngh I really wanna go but...!!!! DX
  • Tue, 00:20: Okay, so let's say I go from Colorodo to LA on Monday...then I'd have Tuesday through Thursday to do touristy things in California.
  • Tue, 00:22: But ehhhh...that's more time and money than I'd like to spend when I just want to go to Anime Expo. D:
  • Tue, 00:35: Maybe I should just be satisfied with meeting Yoshinari and hope that Nakashima & Sushio come back to the US someday... D:
  • Tue, 00:35: I'd probably just ask them to sign Gurren Lagann stuff anyway.
  • Tue, 00:36: Would that be considered rude? Asking them to sign stuff for an older work when they're here to promote something else?
  • Tue, 00:36: Because I like Kill la Kill a lot, but Gurren Lagann will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Tue, 00:37: (And if Yoshinari is doing sketches, I'd definitely ask him to draw Lord Genome. >.>)
  • Tue, 00:40: Anyway, I already have Sushio's autograph and my own sketch of Simon by him thanks to @Umekopyon <3<3<3<3
  • Tue, 00:50: But man, I'd love to see Nakashima live as he makes shit up on the spot...
  • Tue, 00:51: I just want to see him talk, yeah.
  • Tue, 01:47: Shiiiiiit I don't even remember what password I used for Animesuki, it's been so long since I logged in there...
  • Tue, 01:50: The problem with changing passwords is that I can't even remember what sites I use a certain password at, until I try to log on...
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