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  • Wed, 22:44: RT @Anime: News: NIS America Licenses Cardcaptor Sakura TV #Anime • Complete Blu-ray, DVD sets with English dub slated for Augu… http://t.c…
  • Wed, 22:46: OMG Card Captor Sakura. *__*
  • Wed, 22:49: I never did finish collecting the VHS's...but man, that's going to be pricey. D:
  • Wed, 22:51: I wonder if anyone would even want to buy my VHS tapes if I tried to sell them ahaha probably not.
  • Wed, 22:55: I actually don't think I ever even SAW the whole thing...anime collecting was so much more difficult back then.
  • Wed, 22:57: And of course they never aired it uncut on TV. I only watched the hack dub & read episode summaries online to know what really happened.
  • Wed, 22:59: I never saw all of Slayers either. I bought VHS tapes of the first half of the first season & the first half of the third season.
  • Wed, 22:59: THAT WAS ALL I COULD AFFORD. Later finally saw the rest of the first season in college anime club.
  • Wed, 23:00: As for Slayers Next, I downloaded a few episodes online and that's all I ever saw. The rest? Read episode summaries.
  • Wed, 23:01: Oh, the early days of being a fan. -__-;
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