Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

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  • Mon, 13:58: So the last time I had to use sick leave to take off from work was back in the summer when I had that really bad migraine.
  • Mon, 13:59: And I'm the type that hardly ever gets sick, so my sick leave has been accumulating since then.
  • Mon, 14:00: To the point that I was getting disappointed that I didn't even catch a cold this whole never-ending winter...
  • Mon, 14:02: So I guess it figures that today, when I finally get to use it, it's because I've been violently vomiting all morning. D:
  • Mon, 14:03: Yep, that's me. I don't get sick! Except when I do and it's really awful.
  • Mon, 14:06: At least my voice sounded convincing enough when I called my supervisor, since my throat is all irritated.
  • Mon, 23:14: @Umekopyon I still feel like crap tonight so is it okay if we watch Love Live tomorrow? x_x
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