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Ask me one question - any one - about my writing, then post this in your LJ so I can satisfy my curiosity about yours...


CSakuraS: I saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy today! :D
jesscat95: LOL! I love that movie! ;-) I have never read the book though.
CSakuraS: the books are AWESOME
jesscat95: Well, I have bought it since I saw it, but haven't started it yet.
CSakuraS: ...I was really annoyed with the love story though. It seemed really out of place, and Arthur and Trillian didn't really hook up in the books... [Arthur eventually falls for a girl called Fenchurch who, incidentally, is absent from the movie, though she was mentioned in the very beginning of the first book...]
CSakuraS: ack, I used "really" too much ><
jesscat95: LOL, I won't critique your im's, I promise! ;-)
jesscat95: I love Mos Def in the movies. I think he's adorable anyway.
jesscat95: He hosts the Def Poetry Jam show on HBO.
CSakuraS: Mos Def...?
jesscat95: He was Ford in the movie. (black guy)
CSakuraS: ahhhh
CSakuraS: I thought it was interesting that Ford was black....he wasn't really described as such in the books...and in the old TV series he was white...but the actor still did a great job fitting the role :)
CSakuraS: the whole cast was great, actually. especially Marvin <33333
jesscat95: I love Marvin, too. Kinda made me think of Eeyore.
CSakuraS: XD
CSakuraS: during one of the past poetry readings I read some of Marvin's poetry from one of the books...
jesscat95: You make me want to read them even more. So many books to read, so little time.
CSakuraS: I'm looking through my books now for his poetry because I'm a dork
jesscat95: LOL!
CSakuraS: "Now the world has gone to bed/ Darkness won't engulf my head/ I can see by infrared/ How I hate the night."
CSakuraS: he was composing lullabies so... XD
jesscat95: lol, ah poor Marvin...makes you just want to cheer him up and make him laugh ;-)
CSakuraS: "Now I lay me down to sleep/ Try to count electric sheep/ Sweet dream wishes you can keep/ How I hate the night."
CSakuraS: I don't think that's even possible. XD
jesscat95: Marvin has quite the personality for a robot. Counting electric sheep, huh? Douglas Adams really was clever, wasn't he?
CSakuraS: OH YES
CSakuraS: I read a short biography on him, and he's so AMUSING
CSakuraS: he like stressed out his editors by skipping all of his deadlines until they were BEGGING him for a manuscript, whether it was finished or not. which is why some of the books end so abruptly. XD
CSakuraS: and it originally started out as a radio show, and its popularity is what led him to write the books...
jesscat95: I once heard that a book is only finished because of deadlines. Otherwise you could keep editing and rewriting forever! ;-)
CSakuraS: and he came up with everything so spontaneously, he never planned it or anything, but some of the stuff fits so PERFECTLY it's amazing! like the bowl of petunias, you'd think it was just a joke and it was done, but then later on it turns up again in such a random way and it's final thoughts make SENSE! it's so...brilliant.
CSakuraS: ...ahaha, can you tell I'm a fan? XD;
jesscat95: Hey, it's just like when Justine and I get to talking about LOTR! LOL! ;-)
jesscat95: The petunias thing was awesome.
jesscat95: and I like the warp drive thing that was unpredictable (I forget what it was called now)
CSakuraS: um...improbability drive I think
jesscat95: yeah, that's it
CSakuraS: quote from the book during the scene when Ford and Arthur are picked up by the Heart of Gold: "Ford," he said, "you're turning into a penguin. Stop it."
jesscat95: I want to see it again, I think. The night I saw it, there were people there with towels that had the number 42 on them. LOL
jesscat95: LOL!
CSakuraS: wow, really? XD
jesscat95: yup
CSakuraS: I was surprised there were so many little kids in the theater today...I mean, sure it's by Disney, but I seriously doubt many of them understood what the movie was talking about. XD
jesscat95: Yeah, I was a little surprised that it was Disney.
jesscat95: But I went late at night one night, so there weren't any kids.
CSakuraS: I loved how they put "To Douglas" at the very end, that was sweet. ^^ too bad he's dead young too. :-(
jesscat95: Some of the best writers often have tragic lives or short ones, why do you think that is?
CSakuraS: I don't know.......but I don't want to die young myself, that's for sure. >_>;;
jesscat95: ME NEITHER! Or have a tragic life! ;-)

I think I should mention that Chapter 19 of Life, the Universe and Everything is and will always remain my favorite. <3 AGRAJAG~!

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