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  • Sun, 15:47: RT @nonoyamasaki: エルサかわいいよエルサ…と思いながら描きましたエルサかわいい。
  • Sun, 15:56: RT @nonoyamasaki: 妄想ちびちゃんらくがき。
  • Sun, 16:07: RT @7_years_GL: 「7YEARS」サイトに本文サンプルをUPしました!
  • Mon, 01:23: Oh boy, is there going to be another wedding in Game of Thrones tonight? I wonder how THAT will turn out!
  • Mon, 01:25: To be honest, when that prince didn't show up last episode, I thought it was because he was wary of what the Lannisters do to guests.
  • Mon, 01:26: Seems that wasn't the real reason, but boy, I sure wouldn't want to attend any of their parties!
  • Mon, 01:29: Oh yeah, I finally saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier today. I think I prefer the first movie, but it was still great. :)
  • Mon, 01:31: I really liked the addition of Falcon and the developing friendship between Cap and Black Widow, it was really cute.
  • Mon, 01:33: When the helicarriers fell into the Potomac River, mom leaned over and whispered to me, "That's where I go kiyaking. D:"
  • Mon, 01:39: So what else is there before Avengers 2? Guardians of the Galaxy? Is that it? I guess they won't give Hulk anymore movies, huh.
  • Mon, 01:40: But I liked Hulk better as part of an ensemble cast rather than star of his own movie anyway.
  • Mon, 01:43: The Marvel movies have amazing continuity which is fun, but it also makes them kinda hard to get into now.
  • Mon, 01:43: Like, I would consider asking someone to go see one with me, but then I'd think, "Wait, have they seen any of the previous movies?"
  • Mon, 01:44: Would these later movies even make sense unless you've seen at least some of the previous ones?
  • Mon, 01:45: Well, mom didn't see Thor 1, but she saw Avengers and that was enough for her to enjoy Thor 2.
  • Mon, 01:46: But I think Captain America 2 is definitely one where you need to have seen the first movie to understand.
  • Mon, 01:54: Come to think of it, where the hell was Hawkeye in this movie? He would have fit right in with the super-competent soldier team.
  • Mon, 01:57: But then I guess his involvement might have gotten in the way of Captain & Black Widow bonding, which again, was one of my favorite things.
  • Mon, 04:30: I actually think Tyrion and Sansa make a good match in that they can both silently go "UGH" at everything together.
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