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  • Sun, 17:53: RT @jaemoo0220: 가마고오리 마코는 요정도...
  • Sun, 23:34: I find it really fascinating how Twitter has affected the nature of interaction between anime fans & creators now.
  • Sun, 23:35: Here we have fans cheering on Trigger & staff directly as they make the final episode of Kill la Kill, and the staff tweeting as they work.
  • Sun, 23:36: It kinda feels like we're right there with them during the creation process. Which is pretty fun, though I also can't help but wonder...
  • Sun, 23:36: "Should you be tweeting this much while you're working?" XD; But still, I wish we had this while Gurren Lagann was airing.
  • Sun, 23:38: I think the closest thing we had back then was the official blog? I mean, Twitter did exist, but the staff wasn't on it yet.
  • Sun, 23:42: Though I also respect creators who don't want to bother with Twitter. For the record, I believe Hiromu Arakawa's philosophy is...
  • Sun, 23:42: "If there's something I want to say, then I'll write it out in manga."
  • Mon, 00:14: Magi is delayed today, so I guess I'll rewatch last week's episode while I eat dinner. :(
  • Mon, 00:24: So where the hell is Hakuryuu, anyway? Kouen called him too, but he never showed up...
  • Mon, 00:26: Sphintus looking for Aladdin and Titus and Marga. :(
  • Mon, 00:31: It's SO cute how Kougyoku is like "Alibaba-chan! :D" and says they're good friends. XD *might be shipping them just a bit*
  • Mon, 00:41: Kouen's siblings having to translate for him... XD
  • Mon, 00:45: I'm really glad Kouen turned out to be more interesting than he first appeared. (Feel like I can say that of a lot of Magi characters).
  • Mon, 00:54: Man, just imagine if Aladdin /does/ spill everything to Kouen. Sinbad would be like "Oh, so you'll tell HIM, huh...? :)"
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