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  • Wed, 17:41: RT @nonoyamasaki: さっきの間違えて消してしまった…!設定資料集見てのラクガキでした。当時買い揃えた私物の設定資料集がすごく…使用感出てきた…よ涙。
  • Wed, 17:42: RT @nonoyamasaki: らくがき増えた。3部のシモンの衣装どれもすごく好きです。
  • Wed, 22:41: RT @Anime: News: Kodansha USA to Publish Arslan #Manga by Fullmetal Alchemist's Arakawa • Right Stuf lists manga adaptation of … http://t.c…
  • Wed, 23:05: RT @MakoPantsu: "CARING 4 BABBY"
  • Wed, 23:05: RT @ryokuha_midori: キルラEDパロでシモニアかいてみました
  • Thu, 05:27: WTF. So I pre-ordered the first Blu-Ray of Yamato 2199 off the Star Blazers website, right?
  • Thu, 05:28: And then last month, they said they were lowering their shipping charges, so they tried to refund me a few dollars.
  • Thu, 05:29: ...But instead, they gave me a full refund and accidentally cancelled my order. Apologizing, they asked me to order it again.
  • Thu, 05:30: Which was annoying, but okay, I ordered it again. Now today, they send me a shipping notification for my order, and guess what?
  • Thu, 05:32: Apparently they sent me TWO packages of Blu-Ray...Volume 2? What? "Instead of cancellation for the former order" they say...
  • Thu, 05:33: So they want me to send one of them back when I get it...
  • Thu, 05:34: Now I'm going to assume that they meant Vol. 1 instead of Volume 2 since that's what I ordered...and they haven't even listed Vol. 2 yet...
  • Thu, 05:35: But even so...this is so incompetent I'm in disbelief. x__x; I wonder if anyone else is having the same experience?
  • Thu, 05:38: I think starting with Volume 2, I'll be ordering from Rightstuf. Hopefully that will make things better? o_O;
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