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  • Mon, 21:39: RT @Ikari_Gendo: ダイスキ‼ | よし乃 #pixiv this #kill_la_kill fanart is adorable (reup:
  • Mon, 21:42: Finally finished watching the Fate/Zero dub. The second half of this show is SO hard to watch, but damn, SUCH a good tragedy.
  • Mon, 21:43: Kiritsugu isn't one of my favorites, but I really think he's a fascinating tragic character.
  • Mon, 21:44: And the dub is still amazing. The performances and adapted script are top notch, IMO.
  • Mon, 21:45: I still prefer Kiritsugu and Kirei in English. Other voices, like Irisviel, Saber, Rider, Archer, etc., are just as good as the Japanese.
  • Mon, 21:47: And I cried again during Rider's last fight. The moment Waver says "Sire, you are my king" I just went to pieces. ;____;
  • Mon, 21:48: THIS SHOW IS JUST SO GOOD. Another purchase I don't regret.
  • Mon, 21:52: Although I waited like...a month before I could watch Lancer's last episode. Because I knew what was coming, and ugh...still gut-wrenching.
  • Mon, 21:58: It was a really serious scene, but this line in the dub made me laugh: "Mongrel, you dare interrupt my nuptials?!" Oh, Archer. XD;
  • Mon, 22:08: When adapting the script, they apparently tried to make the Servants sound really formal in contrast with modern day characters.
  • Mon, 22:09: And that really worked to bring these larger than life characters, legendary heroes and kings, to life in English. So bravo.
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