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  • Thu, 03:03: Discovery of the day: I just realized that @Nonoyamasaki, who is drawing the new Gurren Lagann manga, was an assistant to Hiromu Arakawa.
  • Thu, 03:04: Because after the news that Arakawa had her 3rd baby broke, she tweeted that she was there when Arakawa went to give birth to her 1st son.
  • Thu, 03:05: So I flipped to the back of several volumes of FMA & Juushin Enbu and sure enough, Arakawa names "Nono-san" among her assistants.
  • Thu, 03:06: And a few times she's drawn her assistants, she's drawn one of them with a star avatar.
  • Thu, 03:08: And flipping to the back of Otoko Ippiki-hen...Nono draws herself as a star.
  • Thu, 03:10: It appears Nono went along when Arakawa took her assistants on a trip to China too (from Juushin Enbu omake).
  • Thu, 03:13: Nono also contributed to some toilet relay 4-koma (when Arakawa & assistants would draw a panel before going to the bathroom).
  • Thu, 03:14: So yeah, that's the result of my quick research. XD I love finding connections between my favorite things so this is really neat!
  • Thu, 03:15: And it's fun looking at those relay 4-koma and seeing the panels that Nono drew, and how FMA characters look in her style.
  • Thu, 03:23: Arakawa started including Nono in her Special Thanks in Volume 10 of FMA, first published April 2005.
  • Thu, 03:24: The last time she included Nono in her Special Thanks is Volume 20, first published September 2008.
  • Thu, 03:25: From her interview with Kazuki Nakashima, we know that Arakawa watched Gurren Lagann as it aired live on TV...
  • Thu, 03:28: Stuff like this makes me REALLY excited!! :D God, I'm such a nerd.
  • Thu, 03:33: RT @nonoyamasaki: 荒川先生ご出産おめでとうございます!! WEBサンデーで発表されたのですねー!わー!人体錬成!笑!めでたい!めでたい!ヾ(*´▽`*)ノ
  • Thu, 03:40: Huh, did Nono delete the tweet where she mentioned being there when Arakawa went to the hospital...? I can't find it anymore. o_o;
  • Thu, 03:42: I /know/ I saw it this morning...
  • Thu, 03:42: Okay, okay, I'll stop obsessing over this now. *puts FMA manga away*
  • Thu, 03:57: Man, if we don't get a snow day tomorrow, I (and everyone else at my workplace) will be REALLY disappointed...
  • Thu, 03:59: I mean, people were talking about Friday possibly getting closed or delayed too. Five day weekend? YES PLEASE.
  • Thu, 04:17: WORK CLOSED TOMORROW!! \o/
  • Thu, 06:56: *reads Nono's 2007-2008 blog entries* *finds even more evidence* OKAY I REALLY NEED TO STOP....
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