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Song translation

I was feeling bored and listening to "Natsu no Owari," and I've grown to really like this song (fits Kino so well~) so I decided to translate it. Much thanks to Ming Ling for the song and lyrics.

"Natsu no Owari" / "End of Summer"

I hastily jumped on
still carrying luggage
if you look out the window
the end of summer is soon
Until I find myself
I cannot return here
Kicking up dust, the worn-out bus goes

I simply waved my hand at the familiar scenery

Softy, time flows
Always, people move forward
to places they haven’t yet seen

Inside an old café
the blues come drifting
it stings my heart so it almost hurts
The person beside me
who laughs so proudly
is wearing a shirt the same light blue as the sky

Without possessing the answer to how long I’ll go

Surely, the scenery will change
Constantly, even if the seasons flow
the truth is here

Softy, time flows
and I’ll move forward as well
to a tomorrow I haven’t yet seen
The scenery will change
Constantly, even if the seasons flow
the truth is here

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