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  • Wed, 01:34: Magi 2 Episode 18: Man, so much respect for Leam now. The way Magnostadt treats its people is despicable.
  • Wed, 01:35: But on the other hand, everyone from Leam is awful to poor Titus. :(
  • Wed, 01:38: I'm ready for Aladdin to start fucking shit up now.
  • Wed, 02:12: @Kimalysong I guess my point is that Leam seems like a (comparatively) better model for society while Magnostadt is doomed to failure.
  • Wed, 02:29: Man, if Magnostadt was just a magic school & sanctuary for magicians, it would be great. The problem is that they had to involve muggles.
  • Wed, 02:34: I mean can you imagine Hogwarts doing what they're doing. Dumbledore would be rolling in his grave.
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