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  • Sun, 18:09: Watching Magi...omg this is fucked up, the way Mogamett just gives Marga to Titus.
  • Sun, 18:10: It's almost like he's letting him save a piglet. "Oh, you like her that much, huh? ^_^ Here, you can have her!"
  • Sun, 18:24: Everything is so fucked up. D:
  • Sun, 18:25: THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD THOUGH. Is it weird that I'm considering buying just the second season of Magi now...?
  • Sun, 18:47: Wait a minute, so episode 17 came out today too...? WHERE IS IT, CRUNCHYROLL?
  • Sun, 19:30: RT @Anime: News: Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club #Anime Gets 2nd Season • First season of Kyoto Animation's anime had ended with “see… http://t.c…
  • Sun, 21:22: RT @ANNZac: Last night's #SpaceDandy made me laugh, which should've been impossible for a zombie episode. Good work.
  • Sun, 22:02: *working on fanfic* Man, I'm pretty sure pigmoles eat dirt, but I want to be sure first. *wastes an hour checking sources*
  • Sun, 22:02: I can't seem to find it in writing, maybe it was something Nakashima said on a radio show. :/
  • Sun, 22:04: It would make sense though, since people in Jeeha bathed by letting pigmoles lick them.
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