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  • Fri, 01:56: Just saw Eva 3.0 at a theater. That...that sure was a movie. ^^;
  • Fri, 01:58: If I had to compare with the 3rd Madoka movie, I'd say Madoka was by far more entertaining and easy to understand. XD;
  • Fri, 02:00: The video and sound quality was pretty shitty for a theatrical release. Realized at the end they were just playing the Blu-Ray. :/
  • Fri, 02:01: Also, it was dubbed. I thought the theater's site said it was the sub. :(
  • Fri, 02:02: Hopefully Anohana will be better quality when I come back here to see it next week...
  • Fri, 02:08: Summary of 3.0: Everything is unimaginably shitty. Shinji and Kaworu are unimaginably gay.
  • Fri, 02:19: Seeing Rei like that was so friggin sad. D: Shinji trying so hard to reach out to her...
  • Fri, 02:52: Back home! Okay gonna watch new Kill la Kill before checking Twitter~
  • Fri, 03:00: AIKUROU I CAN'T
  • Fri, 03:10: Inumuta finally making himself useful
  • Fri, 03:15: MAKO XDDD
  • Fri, 03:18: OMFG RYUUKO
  • Fri, 03:28: Well! That episode both did and did not turn out the way I thought it would.
  • Fri, 03:29: Let me tell you what it did: It took the plot of what I thought would be the next story arc and fit the whole thing in one episode.
  • Fri, 03:32: One can never underestimate the degree to which Kazuki Nakashima can capably condense a story. XD
  • Fri, 03:45: RT @nonoyamasaki: 今日はキルラキル関西放送してたんですよね!はー!明日楽しみだなぁ襲学旅行!! …と思いながら筆ペンで初めての皐月様らくがき。凛々しさすごく難しい…!
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