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  • Thu, 05:15: RED ROBIN WEDDING. OMFG.
  • Thu, 05:15: Tonight's episode of South Park is the most in depth parody of anime yet. XDD
  • Thu, 05:34: And so this arc ends with the boys wading through a mall full of blood and gore. I would have expected nothing less.
  • Thu, 05:51: Now thinking of RPing Messenger Nia, but trying to think of a different angle so that I don't just copy SoPHD or Onlygurrens. >_<;
  • Thu, 05:52: Especially because I really loved Emily's Messenger Nia in Onlygurrens...
  • Thu, 05:54: I had this problem when coming up with Onlygurrens Garlock too, but I managed to make him different enough that it didn't feel repetitive.
  • Thu, 06:01: Maybe I'll have her be from an AU where the Anti-Spirals succeeded in destroying Earth & humanity and she killed Simon.
  • Thu, 06:01: Super angsty, but at least it's different!
  • Thu, 06:03: I admit that's on my mind since I rewatched Lagann-hen during the weekend. She tries to kill him in prison...what if she succeeded...
  • Thu, 06:06: Deep down she'd be like "oh...shit...I didn't expect him to actually die..........." But as a result, she gets to survive.
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