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  • Sat, 16:27: RT @JesuOtaku: ...Okay. The thing with Zhao was a fanservice-y callback that did work really well in context, brownie points to Legend of K…
  • Sat, 22:46: It's a cold, dark, foggy day, and I don't want to go outside. Time to do laundry and watch my Fate/Zero Blu-rays.
  • Sun, 00:20: Five episodes in and wow, I really love the Fate/Zero dub.
  • Sun, 00:21: I mean, it can sound awkward at times due to the script being too literal or lip flaps. But the performances are great.
  • Sun, 00:23: The Servants all sound fantastic. Saber & Lancer sound appropriately heroic, Archer like the egotistic ass he is, and Rider is PERFECT.
  • Sun, 00:24: I think I actually prefer Crispin Freeman's Kotomine Kirei to Jouji Nakata.
  • Sun, 00:26: I was like "huh, Kariya sounds really familiar," and then after two episodes I finally figured it out. Liam O'brien. DUH.
  • Sun, 00:28: I think the only voices I'm not satisfied with are Rin and Ilya's? Typical try-hard little girl voices. But they don't show up often.
  • Sun, 00:33: OMG Irisviel is voiced by the same voice actress who played post-timeskip Nia! THAT'S WHY SHE SOUNDED FAMILIAR.
  • Sun, 00:46: One thing I also appreciate is that they try to stick to the correct pronunciations of Japanese names.
  • Sun, 00:47: Though I can't blame them for struggling to say "Kiritsugu." XD;
  • Sun, 05:38: Ahaha, I watched 9 episodes of Fate/Zero today. x_x; After FMA: Brotherhood, 13 episodes feels rather short.
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