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So...what's been going on with me lately?

School-wise, the marriage project is okay now. :) Aya traded partners with me~! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! But I'm not marrying her. XDD Two things I've learned from this: Arranged marriages are teh suck. And formal weddings are complicated. XO
I also found out that I have no SOLs, so all I have to study for is my AP exam and the HUGE Math and Astronomy tests this week. I'll try to post a schedule later.
Oh yeah, Senior Prom was on Friday. I didn't go. I didn't care. And that's the end of that. >(

Anime-wise, my mom is addicted to Yakitate Japan. She is always demanding more...I have to keep a torrent open everytime I'm on the computer. -.- I knew this is the kind of show she would love, but... Also, Emma is looking great (HAKIM XDDD <3), Tsubasa Chronicle is starting to bore me (NO!!! ;____;), and I just found a download for Episode 0 of Kino no Tabi and it's of a far better quality than the one I downloaded before!! :D
And thanks to Ming Ling posting the lyrics, I've found that my romanization of "Hajimari no Hi" was off by only one line. ^^ ROCK! Haven't checked out the fansub for the movie yet, maybe I will later...
I also joined a community for Kino fanfics, and since the challenge for this week is Art, I think I might try to finish that fanfic I started several months ago ("A Tale of a Sketch")....once I finish my exams, maybe. >_>; And I think FMA Chapter 47 is coming out on May 12 (the same day my paid account expires omg!!), so no worries about that for a while...

College-wise, I've decided on Christopher Newport. And it's already May, so no going back on that decision! But that also means that I didn't get to turn in my poem for that scholarship..... :( Too much English homework, not enough inspiration!! >< Thank god the Writers of the Future deadline is in July...


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