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  • Sun, 03:26: Thor: The Dark World was a lot of fun! :) Thor's not my favorite Avenger, but I really enjoyed it.
  • Sun, 03:27: He is my mom's favorite though. XD She was really looking forward to this.
  • Sun, 03:28: After the movie, I asked if she was still awake, and she said, "I didn't understand the story, but no way can I miss something that cool."
  • Sun, 03:30: Then after we talked some more, I realized that she hadn't seen the 1st Thor movie. The first time she saw him was in Avengers. lol whoops
  • Sun, 03:32: So I had to explain to her why it was so significant that Thor turned down the crown and how much he's grown as a character.
  • Sun, 03:38: But I think the most important part for her was the eye candy, so. XD
  • Sun, 04:00: I feel stupid. Should've stayed until the very end of the credits for Thor. :/ Don't know why I assumed the mid credits scene was it.
  • Sun, 04:03: My fav thing in the movie was Thor just casually hanging his hammer on the coat rack in Jane's apartment.
  • Sun, 04:13: Oh Loki, if you keep faking your death like that, someday when you actually do die, no one will take it seriously.
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