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  • Fri, 01:21: Today's episode of Kill la Kill was clearly low budget and looked very bad at times, but it was also really fun and enjoyable. XD
  • Fri, 01:21: Even the fanservice made me laugh this time, ahaha.
  • Fri, 01:23: And next episode looks gooood. Didn't expect we'd get to see that guy so soon! What is he, a Goku Uniform bounty hunter or something?
  • Fri, 01:25: Mako: *firing a machine gun* This is totes fun!! :D
  • Fri, 01:27: Holy shit, I didn't even realize Inoue Marina voiced Maiko in this episode.
  • Fri, 02:38: Watched the trailer for the next Captain America movie, but I have noooo idea what's going on in it. Is that a good or bad thing?
  • Fri, 05:01: @Umekopyon OMG so I just noticed that they were selling tickets to the 3rd Madoka movie at a DC theater, so I went and bought two of them.
  • Fri, 05:02: The showing is for 7:30 PM on December 6. I don't know if you'll be able to make it here, but if you can, I have a ticket for you? ^^;
  • Fri, 05:36: So tonight, I started catching Pokemon to make a team just for Battle Chateau. Mostly Gurren Lagann themed!
  • Fri, 05:37: Like, I got a Flabebe named Nia, a Mareep named Coco, a Dugtrio named Boota, a Gible named Simon...
  • Fri, 05:38: I also want to catch a Scyther soon so I could eventually have a Scizor named Ryuuko. HELL YEAH.
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