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Actually, it's been a pretty good day.

Yeah, just taking an opportunity to show off my new icon. Yay for more Kino~! But I've run out of room for any more. :(

Things I've done today: went down to George Mason University for the admitted students tour and barbeque thing. The residence halls were more ickier than I imagined, so if I were to go there, I'd definetly commute. Luckily the road I'd have to take isn't very difficult, just long and straight, so it shouldn't be too hard.
Also, I planned things out so that even if I do have an Anthropology major, I could still have a minor in English with a concentration on Creative Writing so I wouldn't have to take as many Literature courses. And another minor in History and Japanese for a foreign language. It could work!!

...Aw shoot. I don't know which to choose again. D:

Also, I made this. It's a chart of the Seven Sins from both the FMA manga AND anime, mainly to point out the differences between the two. This means that it contains spoilers, so don't look if you're not all the way caught up in either one!!

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