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  • Sat, 14:59: RT @Anime: News: Gurren Lagann Staff Stream Kill la Kill #Anime's 30-Second Ad • Battling schoolgirls, talking sailor uniform o… http://t.c…
  • Sat, 23:26: Attack on Titan episode 21: ;________; OH GOD.
  • Sat, 23:30: Goddamnit, hard to say anything about this episode without spoiling!!!!
  • Sat, 23:33: Everyone needs to hurry up and watch it so I can talk freely. >.<;;
  • Sun, 02:18: RT @JesuOtaku: this show is basically "oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" followed by tears and stunned silence every five episodes. goddamn.
  • Sun, 02:24: You know, I don't think I've seen a show as bleak as Attack on Titan since.....I was gonna say Madoka Magica, but really any Urobuchi show.
  • Sun, 02:26: Your sacrifices don't matter. Your faith and friendship don't matter. Anyone can die. And it will be an ugly death. D:
  • Sun, 02:29: Also, Game of Thrones. It's that bleak.
  • Sun, 02:35: So I guess now's a good time to share this!【Attack on Titan】 Jaegeractive (("Radioactive" Song Parody)): via @youtube
  • Sun, 02:44: Oh yay, Gurren Lagann Ichiban Kuji!!! \o/ ...Oh. I am...disappointed. :(
  • Sun, 02:46: I don't really see anything I want... Maybe the visual glasses, but I can't quite make out what they look like from those pics.
  • Sun, 02:48: Is it just me or does that Yoko figure look like any other Yoko figure.
  • Sun, 02:50: Have they even made a figure of post-timeskip Yoko in her awesome jacket? Because that's my favorite costume of hers. :(
  • Sun, 02:51: Not that we need any more Yoko figures though! SIGH. Still no adult Simon. T__T
  • Sun, 02:55: Damn, there's hardly any Nia stuff either...
  • Sun, 02:56: For the drill pens, I was hoping they would be the drill pens used by Simon and Nia in the anime, not...those. :(
  • Sun, 02:58: Jeez, we finally get more Gurren Lagann merch and I'm complaining so much. I'M SORRY.
  • Sun, 03:01: It seems like most of the time, merchandise is pre-timeskip though. Why. Why. Need more love for post-timeskip. :(
  • Sun, 03:07: Back to Attack on Titan-- I'd like to take back my previous comments on Mikasa learning to let go of her overprotectiveness.
  • Sun, 03:07: Clearly, Eren needs all the protection he can get. @_@
  • Sun, 03:10: I honestly cannot blame her for going nuts after this, lol. God...having to go through this a SECOND time?
  • Sun, 04:04: Oh wow, Toonami's playing Kickheart after Eva 2.2.
  • Sun, 04:11: So Kickheart will be dubbed? Haven't seen the dub yet...
  • Sun, 05:11: You know, they always show civilians going on with their lives, but they...
  • Sun, 05:14: ...never show thepeople who find themselves suddenly homeless after an Eva steps on their houses.
  • Sun, 06:07: Goddamn, I really love Rei in this movie. ;__;
  • Sun, 06:23: Gah, still such an awesome movie.
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