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W00T Chapter 46~

Action-packed chapter this time, not much heavy dialogue. It seemed to go really fast as I was reading. o.o I think my favorite part in all of it is more character development for Winry and her reaction. T___T
Anyway I'll be putting translations here as I go along~!

Thanks Kirsten for starting off for me~!

Page 17:

Who are you people?

What is your motive? Why do you know what is inside Gluttony?

(About 40 steps to the entrance...)

(Can I cut across...?)

You've come this far and yet you still try to escape

How foolish, and how undignified

If you throw away that which has become luggage you may be able to escape by yourself, so why don't you?

...Did you say luggage?

Then I'll ask, can you leave behind a friend who is weak or injured so...


Page 18:

That's the way I've been living

Without any hesitation

You are...the most important person in this country aren't you

Fuhrer King Bradley, if I'm not mistaken

A King is there for the people

Lose the people, and there is no such thing as a King

Page 19:


You can never be a true king!!

Page 20:

A light grenade?!! ...Why you!!

You depend too much on your eyes, Bradley!!

(I'll need to recover my eyesight for a while)

(The wind is flowing... There! The entrance is in this direction!)

Page 21:

(Only 20 more steps....)

What's wrong

This eye is still alive

Page 22:

Huh...this is the first time in my lifetime that I've felt thankful for this eyepatch

(My eyes can't see~~ Wrath where are you~ my eyes~)

It blocked the flash effectively

You said "True King" didn't you, boy...

What an inexperienced, contemptuous thought

There is no true king anywhere in this world!!


Oh yeah, does anyone know what's going on with ouroboros_manga? o.o I'm not a member of their community so I don't know what's going on; are they releasing their scanlations too? I haven't seen any since Chapter 43...

In other news, I went to Naniwa today after a very ugly fight with mom and found C.C.Lemon YAY!!!!!!!!!! :D WE BOUGHT 4 CANS! And we rented a video about the Silk Road~! So I'll have to watch that.......on Thursday maybe. :D;;

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