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  • Wed, 12:18: Thinking back to last night's commentaries, now I know where "Rossiu is 10/17 years old" comes from. I'd always wondered.
  • Wed, 12:19: So it was good to hear Nakashima and Saiga Mitsuki clearly saying Rossiu is actually four years younger than Simon.
  • Wed, 12:21: Also got to hear Nakashima come up with "Simon made the Kamina statue by himself" on the spot. XD
  • Thu, 02:41: So. I saw Free! I was looking for a new campy show to replace Utapri, and it's not quite as campy and fun, but this will do. XD
  • Thu, 02:55: RT @Tone_RnRn: Free!は、他の「ほら、こういうのが好きなんでしょ?萌えて貢ぎなよ」ってアニメとは違い「今朝は最高級の極上男子をご用意しました。またスペシャルメニューとして水着エプロンをデザートに添えました。お口に合えば幸いです」ってぐらい丁寧なホモでした。シェ…
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    Finally caught up on this... FUCKING.....TEARS.....GODDAMMIT...... YOU CAN'T DO THAT!! ;_____; *CRIES ALL OVER SELF*

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