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  • Sun, 19:01: Watching Gargantia episode, beginning goes from Ledo staring horrified at blood on his hands to HAPPY UPBEAT OPENING!! :D
  • Sun, 19:07: Pinion keeps becoming more of an idiot asshole. :/
  • Sun, 19:11: Isn't this guy like the leader of the fleet? Why can't he just make Pinion stop???
  • Sun, 19:12: It's not like Pinion has any power besides being somewhat friends with Ledo? So go get Ledo on your side and don't put up with this shit.
  • Sun, 19:14: Oh okay, he stated his reasoning. Still think it's stupid. :/
  • Sun, 19:22: Omfg, Ledo is clearly traumatized and Pinion JUST DOESN'T CARE. :D I find this hilarious somehow. XDDD
  • Sun, 19:28: Huh. Ledo had no problem annihilating pirates, but now that he knows what the Hideaze are, he doesn't want to fight...
  • Sun, 19:30: I mean, I do think that's a good thing. Especially from a character development standpoint. But the Hideaze are still killing his people.
  • Sun, 19:31: Ahaha, Chamber just said the same thing.
  • Sun, 19:32: Chamber thinking independently?! :O
  • Sun, 19:36: WHAT?!??
  • Sun, 19:37: WHAT IS GOING ONNNNN. O___O
  • Sun, 19:45: Okay, putting that cliffhanger to the side, I think what Chamber said is fascinating. "If you want to exist, you don't have a choice."
  • Sun, 19:47: I think he has a point, but I can't help but think this is leading back to the thing with the pirates.
  • Sun, 19:51: Humans have been fighting other humans throughout history. And sometimes, war is necessary for survival.
  • Sun, 19:55: It's probably too late for the Galactic Alliance VS Hideaze, but maybe Earth humans & whalesquids could still somehow reach equilibrium?
  • Sun, 19:57: Though that's hard to say now what with Ledo annihilating that nest and Pinion getting his hands on advanced weaponry...
  • Sun, 19:58: Which brings me back to the cliffhanger: WHAT THE FUUUUCK? O__o
  • Sun, 20:08: Was that like...a cult? Because I could easily imagine some of these humans seeing a Machine Caliber and thinking it's a god.
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