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Why are Chapter 46 scans coming out NOW?! O_O I still need to take a shower and I'm going to see the cherry blossoms tomorrow and I need to study for my math test because it's 60% of my grade....

BUT STILL IT'S BETTER THAN DURING A WEEKDAY!! >O I really hope the rest of the raws come out today and.....omg, Winry breaks my heart. T___T Now I'm wondering whether Mugenjou!Winry's reaction was too understated....NEED MORE NOW!!!

...Heh, a ton of movie news has appeared at the same time, but I'm still more excited about the manga. :/ Al looks so weird.

Also, this anime intrigues me... Victorian romance anime? I MUST CHECK IT OUT.

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    Wed, 13:59: What. So there are TWO Vinland Saga English dubs? o.o …Can we get both??

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