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  • Sat, 17:08: 2nd commercial for the Blu-ray BOX is narrated by Nia. :D #gurrenlagann
  • Sat, 17:13: And OMG YES info on the new drama CD has been updated: IT'S A CONTINUATION OF THE OTOKO SERIES YESSS
  • Sat, 17:16: It takes place "several years" after the last one...timeskip!!! :D
  • Sat, 17:18: Holy crap does that mean this is the first time we'll get to hear what timeskipKamina would sound like?
  • Sat, 17:19: I mean, I don't think he'll sound all that different, but still, this world's Kamina survives to adulthood! \o/
  • Sat, 17:28: I wish I knew the context of that "Nobuyuki Hiyama as Simon & Nia's alternate universe kid" because if it applies to the drama CD...
  • Sat, 17:28: But it could also just be Nakashima and Imaishi joking around so idk.
  • Sat, 17:33: But honestly there is nothing keeping Simon & Nia apart in this universe. Messenger Nia is a twin sister, Anti-Spiral is Simon's dad...
  • Sun, 00:33: RT @MarkDoesStuff: Just read quite a few life-destroying fics at @ConNooga, including an amazing one called Gurren Jesus.
  • Sun, 00:37: omfg I don't think Mark has even SEEN Gurren Lagann...
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