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  • Sun, 00:41: RT @k_z_ki: お、兄貴が宣伝か。新作CDドラマかあ・・・〔遠い目)
  • Sun, 00:41: RT @k_z_ki: 台詞なおしたい(笑) RT @shiimai: コンテなおしたいw RT @goripon_bkst: 絵なおしたい
  • Sun, 00:43: Oh wow, just reading the tweets from Japanese GL fans watching the rebroadcast got me excited... XD
  • Sun, 00:44: I especially enjoy seeing comments from the staff/cast and how they want to fix everything. XD
  • Sun, 02:47: So I have a cut on my finger from when my dog accidentally bit me a couple days ago (he tried to grab his ball while I was still holding it)
  • Sun, 02:48: And it hurts whenever lotion gets on it, so I've been avoiding putting lotion on it (I need lotion because my hands crack & bleed otherwise)
  • Sun, 02:52: The result? Along with the cut, that finger now also has several cracks due to the lack of lotion. ;__; It huuurts.
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