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  • Sat, 14:49: RT @htmk73: アニメ『天元突破グレンラガン』BD-BOXが6月26日発売らしい 価格は63,000円
  • Sat, 14:53: So apparently the Gurren Lagann Blu-Ray box set will come out next year for 63,000 yen...? Holy shit. x_x
  • Sat, 14:54: I think it says something that even the Japanese fans are complaining THIS IS WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.
  • Sat, 14:56: I wonder what the chances are of Aniplex America releasing it over here for slightly cheaper ahaha.....
  • Sun, 06:49: Just finished watching the Steins;Gate dub! The second half of this show is still an addicting emotional roller coaster. @_@
  • Sun, 06:50: Seriously, I put in a disc and before I know it I've watched the whole thing, 6/7 episodes in a row. CAN'T STOP.
  • Sun, 06:52: And the dub is still amazing. All the emotional cues, the drama, comedy, everything is as good as the original. I teared up more than once!
  • Sun, 06:54: Once I got to the last few episodes I just had to smile and think DAMN, THIS SHOW IS GOOD. Don't regret buying it at all now. :D
  • Sun, 06:55: Also, I hadn't seen episode 25 until now, so that was a real treat. Had me laughing and squirming and squeeing the whole time. XD
  • Sun, 07:08: God...I was planning on watching Part 2 of Steins;Gate over a month, or at least a couple weeks. I watched it in two days. OH WELL.
  • Sun, 07:09: I still have the two commentaries...and maybe I can start watching Robotics;Notes?
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