Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

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  • Sun, 15:36: Mmmm, the Boota tea is delicious. *___* I've found my new breakfast tea~~
  • Sun, 15:37: Mom loves it too. I told her what was in the blend and she immediately said "I didn't know you had something like that! Let me drink!"
  • Sun, 16:04: I don't have good label artwork for it, but I'm going to make the Boota tea available now, since it is seasonal.
  • Sun, 16:05: Incidentally, I've also figured out the blends for Lord Genome and Rossiu, though I won't be trying them for a long while.
  • Sun, 16:07: It's Leeron's tea that's giving me the most trouble now...possibly because he's clearly a coffee-drinker. XD
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