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  • Sun, 04:22: I just saw The Hobbit! Annnd...I don't think I ever need to see it again? ^^;
  • Sun, 04:23: I loved it once it got to the Misty Mountains, but until that point, there were long stretches where it was just /boring/.
  • Sun, 04:24: For a while I just kept waiting for the story to start, and once it did, I kept waiting for them to get to the Misty Mountains. >.>;
  • Sun, 04:26: Basically, it felt like an extended edition, except the extra scenes were repetitive and unnecessary. Particularly scenes at Rivendell...
  • Sun, 04:27: We already know that Sauron will be coming back so there's no real tension in constantly foreshadowing it, you know?
  • Sun, 04:29: But still, my mom enjoyed it! And she's the one who kept falling asleep every time I tried reading The Hobbit to her when I was a kid. XD
  • Sun, 04:30: She was like "I thought this was a boring story. It's pretty entertaining!"
  • Sun, 04:34: And I'm really looking forward to the next movie! Mirkwood is another one of my favorite parts~~
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