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  • Thu, 05:21: Oh shit, I just started the Battle for Dai-Gunzan in my game. D: Kaminaaaa...
  • Thu, 05:22: The build-up isn't nearly as dramatic as it is in canon, but there were still some interesting bits.
  • Thu, 05:24: At one point, Simon is caught staring enviously at Renton & Eureka. (D'awww baby you'll find your own soul mate soon!)
  • Thu, 05:25: But I had to laugh out loud because this caused some characters to think he was gay for Renton. XD;; ("So is THAT what 'Bro' means?!")
  • Thu, 05:27: And then of course Yoko asks him if he's interested in any of the girls he's met so far. @_@ Girl, you're so oblivious.
  • Thu, 05:28: (She thought he had a crush on Ranka earlier too, hahaha...)
  • Thu, 05:30: And despite EVERYONE pointing out the similarities between Kamina/Sheryl and Simon/Ranka, Yoko roots for Ranka to win the love triangle...
  • Thu, 05:30: COMPLETELY missing the irony there! u_u;;
  • Thu, 05:32: Anyway, Ryouma urges Simon to confess his feelings for Yoko, which was cute. But then, ah...the Kamina/Yoko kiss happens...
  • Thu, 05:34: I like how Zero acknowledges the strength of Kamina's style of leadership (C.C. pointing out that it's the direct opposite of his style).
  • Thu, 05:36: I kinda wish there was more Kamina/Yoko interaction earlier in the game, cuz it kinda feels like it came out of nowhere here?
  • Thu, 05:37: But agh, this is going to be painful...Kamina's built so many great cross-series relationships... D:
  • Thu, 05:44: I've had Simon be the main pilot for Gurren Lagann so far, but this time, I'm going to let Kamina take the lead...
  • Thu, 06:09: Help, I need to go to bed, but I can't stop playing. D:
  • Thu, 06:14: OH COME ON. I thought this fight with the Beastmen was too easy, now a shit ton of Invaders have entered the battle. D:
  • Thu, 06:15: Okay, I understand that Getter Robo was one of the inspirations for Gurren Lagann, and Spiral Power is based on Getter Rays...
  • Thu, 06:15: So is that why the Invaders all ignore the Beastmen? Because they lack Spiral Power/Getter Rays?
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