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  • Wed, 01:26: Holy shit I got a huge ass review & email from a guy about Sound of Pulling Heaven Down. @__@ *flattered and overwhelmed*
  • Wed, 01:27: I'm going to feel really guilty if I don't write a reply back to him ahaha...
  • Wed, 01:28: People keep suggesting that I change all the names and release it as an original novel but I'm still really "ehhhhh" on the idea...
  • Wed, 01:30: The ridiculous space battles and bullshit science is fine when it's a fanfic of a super robot show, but as its own thing...?
  • Wed, 01:35: Oh, and Croisee and Steins;Gate Part 1 arrived today! I'm a little disappointed that the box for Steins;Gate is Blu-ray-sized.
  • Wed, 01:36: It kinda sticks out on my shelf. :/ I guess that someday I'll have to get a shelf just for Blu-rays, if they keep making combo packs.
  • Wed, 01:37: Oh well, I got a bonus Future Gadget Lab pin! :)
  • Wed, 01:41: I want to get back into writing but agh, I can hardly ever find inspiration. >_<
  • Wed, 01:42: And I think my English has deteriorated during the past year. I mean, I speak primarily Japanese when I'm at home (even to my dog).
  • Wed, 01:44: Which means that the person I speak in English with the most day to day is my client...who, not very eloquent...
  • Wed, 01:44: Sometimes I catch myself speaking like her, and that is a BIG problem. @___@
  • Wed, 01:52: Things to do before I leave for Orlando: get myself Sorted on Pottermore. I'm pretty sure I'm a Hufflepuff, but just to make sure.
  • Wed, 01:55: Honestly, I'm not intellectual enough, ambitious enough, or courageous enough for the other Houses.
  • Wed, 02:10: I look forward to watching more of the Steins;Gate dub tomorrow. I wasn't planning on buying the show until I saw the dub at Otakon.
  • Wed, 02:11: Cuz the show starts slow & I wasn't very impressed with the beginning episodes initially. But the dub made those episodes /enjoyable/.
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