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  • Thu, 04:10: Things I've learned from Super Robot Wars: 1) Kamina will pick a fight with anyone who shares the same personality traits...
  • Thu, 04:10: ...even/especially if that person happens to be a pop idol.
  • Thu, 04:11: 2) Simon is a Ranka Lee fan. :)
  • Thu, 04:44: Also when everyone was watching Do You Remember Love? together and Simon was saying how could someone as lovely as Lynn Minmay exist...
  • Thu, 04:44: ...I couldn't help but think YOU WILL MEET SOMEONE THAT LOVELY AND SHE WILL BE YOUR WIFE. XD
  • Thu, 04:55: Also seeing Leeron and Bobby together is simply awesome, I hope they get more interaction. XD
  • Thu, 04:57: (If you couldn't tell, I'm loving everything involving Gurren Lagann & Macross Frontier crossing over.)
  • Thu, 05:01: Omg Patrick Colasour and Jeremiah "Orange" Gottwald have just met, another match made in heaven.
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