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  • Tue, 22:14: RT @ToonamiPodcast: #FUNimation's "Samurai 7" premieres Saturday, August 18th at 12:30 on #Toonami:
  • Tue, 22:16: Cool. I've actually already seen Samurai 7 at anime club years ago, but I'll gladly watch it again to support Toonami. :)
  • Tue, 22:17: Though I still wish they'll eventually get Darker than BLACK, Panty & Stocking, or Tiger & Bunny for the block...
  • Tue, 22:22: Though I still think the best thing about Samurai 7 is that it got me to watch the original Seven Samurai. ^^;
  • Wed, 04:42: Now that I finally have Gurren-Lagann in my party, I can't stop playing Super Robot Wars. I'm addicted. @_@
  • Wed, 04:44: I love hanging out & kicking ass with my pilot buddies. ;__; It kinda feels like a multifandom RPG, except these crossovers are official.
  • Wed, 04:44: I particularly like how Kamina and Ryouma (from Getter Robo) have become bros now. XD It's adorable.
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