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  • Thu, 12:17: Okay. Last day before Otakon. After work, I'm gonna try to check out a few episodes of anime I've missed from the past couple seasons.
  • Thu, 12:18: Which is a lot, because the only thing new I've watched this year is Fate/Zero season 2. x__x;
  • Fri, 01:27: Sword Art Online episode 1 & 2: Hmm, has potential. :O I'll check out some more when I have time...
  • Fri, 01:28: Polar Bear Cafe episode 1: Mom and I watched this together and we both laughed quite a bit. Could be another anime we can bond over. :)
  • Fri, 01:53: Tsuritama episode 1: Wow, I'm getting really good vibes from this one. :O The art and direction are interesting.
  • Fri, 01:54: That's all I have time for today, but I'll definitely watch more once I come back from Otakon.
  • Fri, 01:55: I want to check out Natsuyuki Rendezvous too...
  • Fri, 10:31: Omg I'm probably going to meet Kakihara Tetsuya today omg omg omg. @_@
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