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  • Wed, 16:30: RT @Anime: News: Voice Actress/Singer Aya Hirano to Perform at Otakon • Haruhi Suzumiya/Lucky Star actress to perform on J… ...
  • Wed, 16:32: Oh! Hmm. First announced Otakon guest that's caught my eye. I wouldn't mind going to see her perform. :O
  • Wed, 16:35: Crossing my fingers for: 1) Any former Gainax/Trigger staff, 2) Pheonix Wright movie screening, 3) Tiger & Bunny movie screening.
  • Wed, 16:36: Gainax/Trigger staff guests would probably be unlikely, but I'm holding out hope because...
  • Wed, 16:36: ...I read from a reliable source that Imaishi is considering going to an East Coast con sometime...
  • Wed, 16:37: ...and Imaishi coming to Otakon would be my dream come true. D: Oh well, I can dream...
  • Wed, 16:40: (I wonder if it would make any difference if I tweeted Imaishi asking him to come to Otakon lol lol nope I'm too chicken to do it. :D;)
  • Thu, 00:50: So now that I'm keeping up with Twitter and Livejournal again, I've fallen out of keeping up with Tumblr. x_x;
  • Thu, 00:52: People just post/reblog too much over there!! And the way it's all formatted makes it so difficult to go back and catch up on everything...
  • Thu, 00:54: I've had to resort to just going to individual people's blogs and catching up there...
  • Thu, 00:55: And by individual people I mean people who don't post that often or Legend of Korra-related blogs.
  • Thu, 00:57: I feel bad, but I've kinda given up on being up-to-date with my more prolific friends... x_x;
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