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  • Thu, 20:01: Watching the new Penguindrum...the tale of horrible parents continues. D:
  • Thu, 20:07: WTF. This is messed up.
  • Thu, 20:09: Man, I totally get why everyone was in love with Momoka. ;__;
  • Thu, 20:19: Owwwwwwwwww. D:
  • Thu, 20:26: ;______; Good episode.
  • Thu, 21:39: I hate when I switch from typing in Japanese to English and forget to reset the languages so 医t込めsおうt裏家てぃs (it comes out like this).
  • Thu, 23:16: So I've been having trouble writing this I tried writing it in Japanese instead, and voila, suddenly it works. o.o
  • Thu, 23:17: That's happened a few other times too, usually when it involves Yoko. Somehow she's just easier to write in Japanese sometimes. :/
  • Fri, 06:47: I still find myself writing "eyes" for Simon even though he only has one eye now. >.< Annoying.
  • Fri, 08:35: FINALLY DONE AHHHH.
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