Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Мои твиты

  • Чт, 01:40: RIP Steve Jobs. D:
  • Чт, 06:17: Oh South Park... XD
  • Чт, 19:35: Dreamt that I unknowingly said something awful which caused my friends to hate me. I cried. Worst dream ever. :(
  • Чт, 19:56: RT @Anime: News: Animator: Gurren Lagann Helmer Imaishi Establishes Studio • Masahiko Otsuka: Newtype covers new studio wi.. ...
  • Чт, 19:56: LOL wow I don't even watch Naruto but this is hilarious
  • Чт, 19:58: I'm happy for Imaishi and look forward to seeing what he produces with his new studio...but now where will this leave Gainax? :(
  • Чт, 20:02: I guess this means we won't see much more out of Gurren Lagann or Panty & Stocking? :(
  • Чт, 20:03: Well...neither of them really NEED anything else. They both had a good run. But...I would've liked to see another Parallel Works at least.
  • Чт, 20:16: I liked Hanamaru Kindergarten and Dantalian all right, but it would kinda suck if all Gainax does from now on is adaptations...
  • Чт, 21:51: Mawaru Penguindrum episode 13: Really good episode. :O And now I'm really curious about Momoka...
  • Чт, 21:59: And wow, in hindsight, I'm surprised how Ringo's mom was able to keep it together when she met Shouma. Didn't she realize...?
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