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  • Mon, 21:19: Omg, latest episode of True Blood was SO good. And looks like the Season Finale will be amazing. HALLOWEEN EPISODE.
  • Mon, 21:20: But DAMMIT MARNEY, LEAVE LAFAYETTE & JESUS ALONE. ;A; They're my favorite couple now bawwww.
  • Mon, 21:29: Also, I feel really sorry for Pam. Ever since Eric got with Sookie, he's been either ignoring or snarling at her. D:
  • Mon, 21:31: Also, surprisingly, I feel sorry for Debbie. I can understand why Alcide would think this was the last straw, but she really loved him...
  • Mon, 21:34: On the other hand, now I'm even more baffled about where Andy's story is heading. Why the hell is he suddenly being seduced by a fairy??
  • Mon, 22:21: Oh yeah...this morning, when I arrived at the nursing home, I saw someone being taken out in a body bag for the first time. o_o
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