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Full Metal Alchemist Episode 37

Since nothing in this episode was particularly spoilerish (when it comes to the main plot), I don't feel like adding a cut. I'm just lazy like that.
We've been needing a comedic episode for quite a while, and here it is at last, though the timing is questionable considering all the angst in the last episode. But it was definetly amusing. I might have laughed more if I weren't spoiled already by reading the manga, but anyway...
Ed didn't even show up once. That's insane! Al's opening speech was taken over by Hawkeye, and the title of the show was changed to Flame Alchemist as well. Ed must be pissed.
But yes. Lot's of military sillyness. Lot's of Roy Mustang. Lot's of Havoc and Black Hayate. And some minor plot development mixed in for extra spice. I'm glad they didn't completely drop the Winry and Roy angst though, or else this episode would have REALLY been random.

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