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  • Wed, 23:44: !!!!! The Gurren Lagann Charity Book's English site is finally up! :D *excited*
  • Thu, 00:04: Dammit, I was doing so well consistently bringing 2-3 pages to Writer's Group for the past few weeks.
  • Thu, 00:04: But I started taking Nursing Assistant classes this week and I'm too exhausted to write now. D:
  • Thu, 00:25: Apparently FMA Chronicles has a conversation between Hiromu Arakawa & Kazuki Nakashima. I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED.
  • Thu, 01:08: So mom's going to Montreal tomorrow to watch tennis live, and she was worried it would rain so I made a teru teru bozu yesterday.
  • Thu, 01:08: And now Nadal isn't doing very well in his current match (if he loses this he won't be able to play tomorrow)...
  • Thu, 01:09: ...So I made her a "Nadal Ganbare" teru teru bozu just now. XD
  • Thu, 01:10: (For people who don't know what a teru teru bozu is:
  • Thu, 02:42: So I got Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Volume 5 this week, and the dub outtakes made me lol.
  • Thu, 02:49: I especially think Scar's VA had the best lines. XD "Chimeras, huh? FUCKIN SWEET." "YOUR FACE ASPLODE!!!" "My name? FUCK YOU."
  • Thu, 02:51: NADAL LOST. DDD: Oh god I feel so bad for my mom. She planned this trip because she wanted to see Nadal live!!!
  • Thu, 02:58: She's crying. ;_______; WHY, NADAL, WHY?
  • Thu, 03:01: @RafaelNadal WHY did you have to lose today?! My mother is your big fan and she was going up to Montreal tomorrow just to watch you play!
  • Thu, 03:03: Dammit, I wish I had money so I could take her to see Nadal some other time. ONE DAY.
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