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In which I squee over souvenirs

Mom's back from Japan! And I was able to drive her to the airport and pick her up by myself without any problems! It's my first time doing that, so I'm feeling kinda proud of myself. :D

And she brought me back things! :D

Things I'd asked for:
-Gurren Lagann Manga Volume 7
-Darker than BLACK: Shikkoku no Hana Volume 4
-Silver Spoon Volume 1
-Fullmetal Alchemist Artbook 3 (wow, this is thicker than the previous artbooks :O)
-barley tea & mizu youkan

Things I hadn't asked for:
-FMA Ichiban Kuji Chibi Kyun Chara Figure (ffffff yes I got Olivier! \o/)
-Detective Conan stamps (my grandma got me this XD)
-Vegetable gardening magazine (again from grandma)
-Vegetable seeds (from grandma)
-Lava rock from Mt. Fuji (because mom climbed Mt. Fuji)
-Little rabbit figurines made of Japanese paper (from a paper store in a village near Mt. Fuji)

Feeling kinda overwhelmed that I got this much stuff even though I didn't go myself, lol. But overall, this has been a good day. :D
Tags: family, fma, gardening, manga

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