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  • Sat, 01:39: RT @Anime: News: Otakon to Host 2011 FMA Film Director Kazuya Murata • Event to host int'l premiere of Fullmetal Alchemist:..http://4NN. ...
  • Sat, 01:40: OH SNAP. Now I'm kinda sorta tempted to go to Otakon??
  • Sat, 02:57: Augh, once again I find a Yahoo! Japan Auction that has 1 or 2 doujinshi that I want, but bundled with like 40 others that I DO NOT WANT.
  • Sat, 07:22: Whoa, the latest arc of the Nuramago manga is getting really interesting. :O
  • Sat, 07:24: I'm all for Day Rikuo kicking ass, but to also see him talking and acting like Night Rikuo...? K-kinda hot...!
  • Sat, 07:26: And I don't usually feel that way even about Night Rikuo because I keep remembering he's only 13 years old. :D;
  • Sat, 07:30: But then I guess it's not too much of a surprise considering I did kinda perv over Aang when he learned to Earthbend. *hangs head in SHAME*
  • Sat, 07:32: What does this mean? That I'm only into shota when the kid mans up? D: But I don't want to be into any shota at all! D:
Tags: fma, nurarihyon no mago, twitter

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