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  • Wed, 04:16: Baked another cake tonight, and it didn't turn out very well either. D: I don't get it...what did I do wrong??
  • Wed, 04:18: The only thing in common between the two cakes is that I used wax paper (which the recipes told me to do)...
  • Wed, 04:19: Maybe after I finish eating this cake, I'll bake the same one again, this time not using wax paper, and see if anything's different...
  • Wed, 04:25: Oh wait, another thing in common: I used cake flour, and I just realized it says "best if used by July 5, 2011." O_O
  • Wed, 04:26: So maybe the flour got old...? I'll have to retry this cake using different flour then...
  • Wed, 04:38: Well at least it tastes FUCKING DELICIOUS. Oh my god. APPLE CAKE IS MY NEW FAVORITE.
  • Wed, 04:48: I could eat this all day. *___*
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