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  • Thu, 04:33: Tonight's South Park...actually kinda made me sad. :( That's not permanent...right?
  • Thu, 04:34: I mean, they're going to reset everything in the next episode again, right...? But then, they kinda lampshaded that in this episode...
  • Thu, 04:36: It /would/ be really interesting if they actually have the kids grow up though...
  • Thu, 04:38: Honestly, this season was feeling pretty lame so far. Those epic Cthulhu/Mysterion episodes from last season are just really hard to top.
  • Thu, 04:39: That's why it actually wouldn't surprise me if they pull something like this for serious. Course, chances are they'll just reset everything.
  • Thu, 04:40: ...Why am I being so serious about an episode that probably had a record number of images of poop.
  • Thu, 04:44: *blinks* Wow, South Park is actually trending. o.o
  • Thu, 04:45: I will say though that when they implied that X-Men: First Class is shit, I went, "OH NO YOU DIDN'T."
  • Thu, 04:48: Looking at these other tweets & it seems people agree that this episode was depressing. And that the show might be ending.
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