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  • Mon, 18:12: I literally just read this whole book in one day.
  • Mon, 18:14: It feels SO GOOD to become addicted to a book/book series like that. :D
  • Mon, 18:15: Though now I have to wait until SEPTEMBER for the next book to come out. *SOB*
  • Mon, 18:17: Honestly, I like this series better than The Hunger Games simply because it has more adventure and less ABSOLUTE DESPAIR.
  • Mon, 18:17: Also, steampunk and alternate history. And a badass, crossdressing girl.
  • Mon, 18:19: Not that Leviathan & The Hunger Games have anything in common other than being recent young adult novel series that I practically inhaled...
  • Mon, 18:22: For anyone interested, here's an awesome trailer for the first book that I just discovered OMG:
  • Mon, 18:25: I am quite excited by the fact that the next book will apparently take place in Japan. JAPAN IS DARWINIST. OMG I NEED TO SEE THAT.
  • Mon, 18:28: And wait...according to the summary on Amazon, they'll be going to New York too? AMERICAN DARWINISTS. I ALSO NEED TO SEE THAT.
  • Mon, 18:41: Oh wait, America is kind of a mix of Darwinists and Clankers, isn't it? BUT THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE IT SOUNDS EVEN MORE AWESOME.
  • Mon, 18:44: Oh, right, new episode of Game of Thrones. *completely forgot*
  • Mon, 18:57: Seeing that trailer, though, I can't help but think Leviathan would make a fantastic animated series/movie...
  • Mon, 21:04: To summarize these first ten minutes of the new Game of Thrones episode: EVERYTHING IS SAD. D:
  • Mon, 21:21: HOLY SHIT WTF ZOMBIES?!?!
  • Mon, 21:34: Uhh what was with the naked man just now?
  • Mon, 21:54: Oh, Sansa. You're so naive. :(
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