Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 05-10-2011

  • 03:34:58: WHAT!!!!
  • 03:39:42: Does that mean it's a story that takes place between Volume 11 and 12...?
  • 03:40:02: But...Volume 11 ends with Ed & Al fighting Scar and Ran Fan being attacked by Wrath. How would that work???
  • 03:40:39: 11.5 seems like such a random number. I DON'T GET IT.
  • 09:27:22: Is it just me or does it look like Shounen GanGan is struggling to survive without FMA?
  • 09:28:07: Of course, I don't have any proof for this other than the way they seem desperate to continue milking it...
  • 15:26:07: I love this fandom. XD
  • 18:28:52: I had to buy and put up bird netting over my vegetable plants today because STUPID BIRDS keep biting off the leaves!
  • 18:30:06: And I know it's birds because they left behind a lot of feathers and bird poop. I KNOW IT'S YOU, FUCKERS.
  • 22:43:36: RT @loco2kit: グレンラガン展アツすぎる!まじ展示物も超充実でHi-Fiの1F2Fを使って大掛かりになると思います!パンスト展同様GAINAXさまのふとっぱらお蔵だしにめんたま飛び出ることでしょう・・・・アレが・・・アレが・・・・

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