Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 05-07-2011

  • 13:39:41: It makes me happy to see that Tiger & Bunny seems to be pretty popular in Japan. :)
  • 13:40:16: Because for a while I was thinking it was the type of anime that would only do well in Western countries...
  • 13:41:21: Though, I wonder what its chances are of being licensed and dubbed into English over here? Since Viz is simulcasting it already...
  • 13:42:40: Would all the product placement make it impossible? They had to cut all the Pizza Hut ads out of Code Geass, didn't they...?
  • 13:46:16: Just attempting to erase all the product placement would be a Herculean task. Not to mention, it would kinda be missing the point...
  • 19:50:44: Tiger & Bunny episode 6: Why, hello, plot! So I guess we have a recurring villain now?
  • 20:24:02: I wonder if we're ever going to learn more about Kotetsu's wife? Is she dead...?
  • 22:36:38: HELL YES Tiger & Bunny is going to be 25 episodes! \o/
  • 22:39:01: I thought it was only going to be like 12-13 episodes, so I was like "sigh, it's already halfway over :(" earlier today. XD
  • 22:40:28: This gives the show enough time to develop all the heroes! \o/

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