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Musing on romantic pairings

This is about my own preferences, which is mainly het romance, so if you're not interested, don't read.

I was in the shower, and got to thinking again. It seems pretty random, but it's probably because of the movie we just finished watching in Government class today, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It was a pretty old movie, in black and white, but the acting was excellent and I ended up enjoying it immensely. The story itself isn't very original (though it might have been in the time that it was made), yet still the characters pulled me in and made me sympathize with them.
One part in particular that I really loved was the relationship between the main character, Jefferson Smith, and Clarissa Saunders. As they began interacting more, something inside me began hoping that they'd eventually fall for each other. And lo and behold, they did. I was squeeing inside.
And then I began thinking how similar this pairing was to another which I used to be a fan of- Danny and Sawyer from Cats Don't Dance. I began comparing their similarities, and there were a lot, even to the point where have to wonder whether Danny and Sawyer weren't secretly a homage to Jeff and Saunders.
In both cases, the main character is good-natured, naive, and an idealist. Their love interests are cold, world-weary, and cynical. Somehow the good-natured idealist ends up cracking the cold shell of the world-weary cynic through his many mistakes and triumphs. It is his determination and faith in his dream that opens the cynic up, makes her realize what she's been missing in her life. The idealist, intrigued by her true inner nature, becomes even more eager to show her the light. And in return, the former cynic helps the idealist overcome his obstacles with her skill and common sense.
It's yin and yang; they help each other, they find what they need in each other. It's a relationship that's beneficial to the both of them, and I especially love that moment when the cynical character realizes that hey, this guy isn't foolish at all; he's a decent person, the kind that the world needs more of. And she falls in love.
Then I looked at all my other favorite pairings: Conan/Haibara (Detective Conan), Lina/Zelgadis (Slayers), Ed/Rose (FMA anime). All three of these are not true to canon, but they're the ones that appeal to me the most. And all three have, in some form, characteristics of the idealist-cynic combination. And the main characters all have other established love interests (though Slayers and FMA do not focus on romance, there ARE pairings which are considered canon). And in each case (though I've grown to love Ed/Winry now), I'm not as enthusiastic about those because mostly, they seem too perfect. 'Meant to be.' There's not as much conflict in the beginning, and that moment of opening up isn't as prevalent. And I really feel for the character who deserves just as much love, but are left out. In fact, I think the only pairing which I don't feel this way about is Aragorn/Eowyn, but that's because I feel that Faramir and Eowyn fit together more.
And now I turn to examine the pairings I have planned in my own stories. Mostly all of them are the idealist-cynic combination. Aqua Tears and Tan Locks, for example. And Nelly and Dzader (though I haven't decided whether these two ever WILL get together, mostly because I'd like to see Nelly grow old as a single woman and Dzader wouldn't want to be tied down like that; they'll probably have a fling and that'd be it).
So yeah, my tastes are very repetitive. And I can't come up with a decent conclusion to this rambling of mine because there is none, I'm just recording my thoughts from the shower.

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