Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 14:50:03: AnoHana episode 4: WHAT THE HELL, YUKIATSU. WHAT THE HELL!!!
  • 14:53:11: Also I really wanted Menma to try drinking coffee in front of them. If a ghost can make muffins and eat, she can friggin drink coffee.
  • 18:11:59: lol変態ゆきあつ
  • 19:01:21: OH GOD WTF. I was just thinking how much AnoHana reminded me of Cross Game...and then I looked up the seiyuu.
  • 19:03:54: Ko = Jintan, Aoba = Anaru, and Azuma = Yukiatsu. WTF AT THIS PERFECT CASTING WTF.
  • 19:05:15: Except that Yukiatsu seems like a combination of Azuma & Akaishi. And neither Azuma nor Akaishi are as messed up as Yukiatsu.

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